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Feb 13

Much has been written in the British press since the first promotional still for “The Iron Lady” has been published. It’s sometimes difficult to interpret the UK press since they’re either very pro or anti Thatcher, which ultimately influences the tone of their articles.  First, the Daily Mail has reported that Meryl Streep was not able to talk to Margaret Thatcher herself. “Margaret Thatcher refused to meet actress Meryl Streep to discuss a new film about the former Prime Minister over fears that it could distort her 11 years in power.” Unfortunately there is no further source for this stated. Then, also courtesy the Daily Mail, pictures from the set have been revealed. “New shots of the actress on set showed a different side of the legendary politician. Meryl, filmed a scene [on February 11, 2011] in which the ex-PM gives daughter Carol a driving lesson in an old Austin Maxi.” Then, there’s more analysis on the first promotional still and Meryl’s ability to perform by the Telegraph. And lastly, according to the Guardian, Meryl Streep’s Margaret Thatcher reveals a modern icon. The photograph of Meryl Streep as Thatcher reminds us of the potent combination that created the image of an “Iron Lady”.