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May 06

According to The Wrap, Meryl Streep, Mel Brooks, Nicole Kidman and Zendaya will voice characters in the Weinstein Company’s upcoming animated movie “The Guardian Brothers.” TWC announced the cast on Friday, as well as its acquisition of the worldwide rights for the film previously distributed in China by Alibaba Pictures, under the title “The Little Door Gods.” The rights exclude China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. TWC plans to sell the film at Cannes Film Festival this year. “The Guardian Brothers” is about a Chinese family on the verge of losing their family business, a wonton soup shop. When the family’s grandmother passes away, the restaurant is left in the hands of Raindrop (Zendaya) and her mother (Kidman.) But millions of miles away, The Guardians have been looking over humans for centuries. Gary Wang directed the animated feature produced by Zhou Yu and Light Chaser Animation Studios.