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In a first look video clip by Entertainment Weekly, Sienna Miller informs Meryl Streep that she is the last humpback whale on Earth. Miller and Streep’s debut episode, “2046,” presents an abysmal hereafter where animals, including tigers and orangutans, are extinct. Miller portrays Rebecca, an archivist who studies the extinctions and works to preserve the animals’ memories, while Streep – without giving too much away – is not merely a whale per se, but Rebecca’s late mother, Eve. While an email from Burns containing an enticing P.S. that Streep would play her mother was enough for Miller to say yes to the project script unseen, it helped that the source material centered on a topic that she already cares deeply about. “When you’re dealing with such an enormous crisis of climate and also climate change denial – especially having lived in America throughout the last presidential reign, and having seen the documentaries, many of which Scott was involved with – there’s a lot that can be said from watching documentaries and dealing with hard facts,” Miller tells EW. “Extrapolations” debuts March 17 on Apple TV+ with three episodes, followed by weekly episodes on Fridays until April 21. The complete article and video clip can be found over at Entertainment Weekly.

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