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Aug 29

The University of Texas’ Harry Ransom Center on Monday announced that Meryl Streep will attend “A Celebration of Film,” the center’s fall event honoring actor Robert De Niro. Film critic and historian Leonard Maltin will also attend, acting as master of ceremonies. Taking place at the AT&T Hotel and Conference Center on September 24, “A Celebration of Film” will support preservation and access to historical film materials archived at HRC. De Niro’s archive, which is also housed at HRC, will be featured in a new exhibition examining his early years at the American Workshop, in acting instructor Stella Adler’s classes, and in plays and films that marked his initial successes and learning experiences. De Niro first donated his archive to the HRC in 2006, including annotated screenplays, correspondence, production records, film stills and behind-the-scenes photographs, posters and publicity materials, props, costumes, videotapes, and motion picture film. The gala supports the museum’s mission to preserve and provide access to historical film materials. In an effort to expand access to this unique celebration, the HRC will also hold its first-ever ticketed after party, immediately following the gala. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit hrc.utexas.edu/gala for the gala and hrc.utexas.edu/afterparty/ for the post-production afterparty.

May 24

On Sunday, Christine Baranski was honored by New York City’s MCC Theater during their annual Miscast Gala, “one of the most exciting and unique theater events in town”. Funds raised from Miscast help MCC Theater produce some of the most talked-about new work Off-Broadway and support our Youth Company and in-school partnerships that serve New York City public high school students, as well as our literary development work with emerging playwrights. Baranski’s co-stars Meryl Streep and Tracey Ullman saluted her in taped segments, vying for the title of “Christine’s best friend”. The clip can be watched below and in the video archive.

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Apr 08

Emma Thompson, Meryl Streep, Sylvester Stallone, David Harewood, Daniel Radcliffe, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Luke Evans, Benjamin Zephaniah and David Morrissey have joined a short film which calls out the UK Government’s approach to refugees. This film from the Refugee Council, scripted by writer, actor and comedian David Schneider, calls on the Government to rethink proposed laws which will criminalise refugees, like those from Ukraine, who have made their own way to the UK in a desperate search for safety. It puts the viewer in the position of a refugee – a mother, a grandmother, or a child – who has been forced from their home because of war devastating their country. It goes on to illustrate how, whatever the experience they are fleeing, these refugees could be deemed criminals under the new Nationality and Borders Bill if they have made their own way to the UK, even when no other route is available. The Nationality and Borders Bill, currently reaching the final stages in Parliament, will undermine the UK’s obligation to give all who seek asylum a fair hearing, by discriminating against refugees depending on how they reach British shores. Those forced to take dangerous journeys to the UK will be treated as criminals.

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Mar 19

According to NBC Los Angeles, Adam McKay and Meryl Streep will join an indigenous and youth-led coalition at Pershing Square at noon Friday in downtown Los Angeles to support the Youth Climate Strike Los Angeles. The Youth Climate Los Angeles movement has targeted the California Teachers Union to divest their $20 billion pension fund from fossil fuels and will rally on March 25, the same day the CTA is supposed to be voting on their pension fund. It will also show support for the Wet’suwet’en tribe, whose territory and water supply is being threatened by the CGL pipeline. McKay said he will announce at today’s rally that his company will divest their money from City National Bank/Royal Bank of Canada if the bank does not meet the demands of the Wet’suwet’en tribe. Those in attendance are asked to wear masks. There is a live stream event on Act.tv set for Saturday starting at noon that is expected to feature Mark Ruffalo, Bill McKibben, Danny Glover and hosted by Baratunde Thurston. Many thanks to Glenn for the heads-up. Edit: The complete livestream is now available to rewatch. Meryl Streep joins the discussion at the 1:32 hours mark.

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Feb 28

Meryl Streep was a surprise guest at yesterday’s Screen Actors Guild Awards. Together with Tyler Perry and Cate Blanchett, she presented the ensemble nomination for “Don’t Look Up” (the price later went to the cast of “CODA”). A video of their segment and a great batch of pictures from the ceremony have been added to the photo gallery.

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Feb 08

One of the most buzzed-about films of the year is “Don’t Look Up,” and now it’s a four-time Oscar nominee for Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, Best Film Editing and Best Score. As the Netflix satire explores the topic of politicians dismissing the impending climate crisis, according to GoldDerby, you can bet it received its fair share of lovers – and haters – online. But now “Don’t Look Up” is getting the last laugh after being embraced by the academy. Though Netflix is usually tight-lipped about its viewing data, the streamer has confirmed that “Don’t Look Up” is its second most watched movie of all time, behind only “Red Notice.” It features an eye-popping A-list cast, with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence playing astronomers who discover a comet barreling toward Earth, and Meryl Streep and Jonah Hill portraying the politicians who don’t believe them or simply don’t care. The cast was recently honored at the SAG Awards in the film ensemble category. “Don’t Look Up” also scored precursor bids at the BAFTAs and eight guilds. “Don’t Look Up” is the eighth film with Meryl Streep to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar. “The Deer Hunter”, “Kramer vs. Kramer” and “Out of Africa” won Best Picture, while “Julia”, “The Hours”, “The Post” and “Little Women” received nominations. The Oscars will be handed out on March 27, 2022.

Jan 28

Even a month after its Netflix release, “Don’t Look Up” is still sparking a conversation about its impact on how we view the change of climate and our world. Earlier today, Meryl Streep and Adam McKay were guests on CNN’s “Amapour” to talk about these topics and the film’s final scene. You can watch the complete interview over at CNN’s website. Screencaptures have been added to the photo gallery.

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Jan 13

The cast of “Don’t Look Up” – Cate Blanchett, Timothée Chalamet, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ariana Grande, Jonah Hill, Jennifer Lawrence, Melanie Lynskey, Scott Mescudi, Rob Morgan, Himesh Patel, Ron Perlman, Tyler Perry, Mark Rylance and Meryl Streep – has received a Screen Actors Guil Award nomination for Outstanding Performance by a cast in a Motion Picture. The other nominated ensembles are from “Belfast”, “CODA”, “House of Gucci” and “King Richard”. With this nod, Meryl Streep continues to be the most nominated feature performer at the SAG Awards, with a current total running count of 19 – 17 for her film work, including a win in 2009 as Outstanding Female Actor in “Doubt” – and two for her television work, including a win in 2004 for “Angels in America”. The SAG Awards will be handed out on Feburary 27, 2022, although its unclear at the moment if a ceremony with attendees will take place.

Dec 16

We’re in for a special treat today, as Entertainment Weekly reveals a new cover featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep, a lengthy interview with the cast of the crew as well as a half-hour table interview – all to be found on their website: In a 36th floor meeting room at New York’s Mandarin Oriental Hotel in early December, writer-director Adam McKay is telling lies about Meryl Streep to Leonardo DiCaprio ahead of a star-studded Around the Table panel for his just-released movie Don’t Look Up. “The crazy thing is that she does DJ sets at the ESPN Zone in Times Square three nights a week,” says the Big Short filmmaker to an amused DiCaprio, who is sitting between McKay and his pregnant Don’t Look Up costar Jennifer Lawrence. “What I respect is that she still uses decks,” adds Jonah Hill, joining in the improvisational fun. “She’s digging in the crates. She mashed-up AC/DC and Ludacris!” Streep herself is also present and breaks off chatting with Tyler Perry (hey, we told you this panel was star-studded!) to tongue-in-cheekedly growl her response to this entertaining nonsense. “I know a lot more about DJ-ing than you people think!” says the triple Oscar-winner. The ease with which these panelists riff with each other is a holdover from the making of the film, which McKay directed with his usual improv-encouraging style, and the bonds they formed during its production in the pre-vaccine pandemic. As McKay says, “This was a movie like no other movie I’ve ever been involved in. I actually get moved about how we all rallied together.”

STREEP: I found it really hard. I didn’t feel funny in the lockdown. When I would come in to shoot my stuff, [I’d] get out of the car and hadn’t spoken to anybody in three weeks. [I’d] walk into the stadium in Worcester, put on the wig and the nails and the suit, and make a speech to all these people. I just lost it. I forgot how to act, I forgot what I was about. It sort of dismantles your humanity, to be isolated like that. But thank god for Jonah, because he kept us laughing [Streep is informed by EW’s audio engineer that her microphone has fallen off dress]

HILL: Dude, you interrupted the part where she was saying I was sick! What the f—?

MCKAY: Alright, Meryl, pick it up from saying, “Jonah was a joy who brought us all together.”

STREEP: Jonah was a f—ing nightmare and ruined everything of mine and if I work again, it’s a miracle.

Dec 08

Lots and lots of updates today as the promotional tour for “Don’t Look Up” has been in full swing. On Monday, there were two additional press conferences / Q&As in New York, hosted by the Critics Choice and the Paris Theatre. Apparently, there was a third Q&A on Sunday, but I haven’t figured out where this took place (if you know more, drop me a line :-) On Tuesday, Meryl and Jonah Hill were guests on The Today Show. Netflix has released a big batch of character posters for the film. Additionally, more pictures from the New York premiere as well as from Broadway’s re-opening of “Slave Play” have been added to the photo gallery.

Moving on to the videos, new interviews from the premiere, with Entertainment Tonight have been added. Leonardo DiCaprio and Meryl participated in a virtual press junket for the film, with a first clip being posted and hopefully many more to follow. Then, videos from the mentioned press conferences and from the Today Show appearance have been added as well. All updates are listed below. Enjoy all the new clips and pictures.

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