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Chronology: 2010

While the dawn of the new decade kept Meryl Streep busy attending awards ceremonies as a nominee for “Julie & Julia”, she kept a rather low profile this year as she did 10 years ago. Among her appearances that year was her online debut in Lisa Kudrow’s web series “Web Therapy”, which late moved to Showtime. In three episodes, Streep played Kudrow’s sexual orientation / conversion therapist Camilla Bowner, whose latest client happens to be Fiona’s husband. She also appeared on the television programme “Faces of America with Henry Louis Gates Jr.”, in which she traced her family tree – they found Streep is descended from people who lived in the small German town of Loffenau and also from Switzerland and from Quakers, who were among the first to settle in America.

November 08, 2010
January 28, 2010