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Aug 27

This part features some amazing coverage on the releases of “Mamma Mia”, “Doubt” and “Julie & Julia”. The British press especially has had some great covers for the promotional run. Also, quite an impressive collection of Spanish newspaper articles throughout, featuring reviews and interviews with Meryl for various releases.

Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – Le Journal de Montreal (Canada, April 11, 2009)
Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – Derbyshire Times (United Kingdom, March 19, 2009)
Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – Top Magazine (Spain, February 11, 2009)
Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – Daily Variety (USA, February 09, 2009)
Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – Metro News (United Kingdom, February 06, 2009)
Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – Spits Magazine (Netherlands, February 05, 2009)
Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – OK (Mexico, February 2009)
Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – Metropolis (Spain, January 2009)
Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – La Razon (Spain, January 30, 2009)
Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – Publico (Spain, January 30, 2009)

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Aug 27

Part two rushes through the 1990s with articles covering “The River Wild” and “The Bridges of Madison County”, the “comeback” years of the early 2000s with “Adaptation” and “The Hours” and the superstar years, staring with “The Devil Wears Prada”. Once again, some great new cover stories, especially for 1990’s “Postcards from the Edge” and for the late 1990s promotion of “One True Thing.”

Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – The Canberra Times (Australia, September 23, 2006)
Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – Top Magazine (Mexico, August 27, 2006)
Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – The Toronto Sun (Canada, June 30, 2006)
Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – The Globe and Mail (Canada, June 30, 2006)
Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – The Observer (United Kingdom, June 25, 2006)
Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – The Canberra Times (Australia, May 14, 2005)
Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – The Independent on Sunday (United Kingdom, May 05, 2005)
Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – The Sunday Times Culture (United Kingdom, October 31, 2004)
Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – AD Magazine (Netherlands, August 21, 2004)
Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – The Herald Standard (USA, June 20, 2004)

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Aug 27

If you thought last week’s magazines update was massive, brace yourself. My friend Alvaro has made good use of the latest technology to digitalize stacks and stacks of old magazines and newspaper articles to share on Simply Streep. So today’s update is split into five posts because there are a whopping 170 articles added with over 450 pages. Many many thanks for this wonderful contribution. Let’s start with early articles beginning in 1979 and covering Meryl’s rise to stardom with “Kramer vs. Kramer” through the 1980s and articles on “Out of Africa” and “A Cry in the Dark”. Lots of great covers, especially from Canada. The 1979 Cosmopolitan article features a stunning full page photo, as you can see below. A full list of new galleries can be found below the previews.

Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – Radio TV 8 (France, June 04, 1989)
Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – Woman’s Weekly (New Zealand, May 08, 1989)
Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – Movie 88 (Australia, Number 4)
Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – You Magazine (UK, November 1988)
Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – Semana (Spain, October 21, 1987)
Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – Woman’s Weekly (New Zealand, March 02, 1987)
Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – Weekend (United Kingdom, January 1987)
Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – Life Magazine (USA, October 1986)
Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – Russian Magazine (Russia, October 28, 1986)

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Aug 16

It has been some time since the last scans update, so a lot of rare magazine finds have piled up over the last couple of months? With many thanks to my friend Alvaro, a great batch of additional magazines scans have been added to the photo gallery, ranging from the very early 1980s promoting “Kramer vs. Kramer” to the most recent with Entertainment Weekly’s first article on the upcoming “The Nix”. Everything in between includes some great cover stories from Canada, Australia and Brasil. For a complete list of added scans, have a look at the list below the previews. Enjoy reading.

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Jul 30

Over the past few weeks, I have randomly posted new pictures to the photo gallery, whenever something came my way. There’s a little bit of everything, from some unseen old appearances pictures, to additional film stills and some wonderful editorial photography from the 1980s and 1990s. For a complete overview, have a look at the list below. If you’d like to be the first to know about new picture additions, bookmark the last updated albums in the photo gallery, or have a look at Simply Streep’s Twitter account, where new finds are regularly posted as well. Enjoy the new additions.

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Jun 09

Last night at Diane Keaton’s AFI Life Achievement Award tribute gala, Meryl Streep paid tribute to her fellow actress in a sartorial way. She channeled Keaton’s iconic style and dressed up in a suit, tie and hat worthy of being in Annie Hall’s closet. Streep’s tribute to her longtime friend went beyond her wardrobe. She also praised Keaton’s work in a heartfelt speech about the actress. “Diane Keaton, arguably one of the most covered-up persons in the history of clothes, is also a transparent woman, even though she is famously the only member of the original cast of Hair on Broadway who would not take off her clothes at the end of the show,” she confessed on stage, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Keaton’s lifetime achievement event airs on TNT on June 15. Pictures have been added to the photo gallery with many thanks to Lindsey for some great additions. Edit: The American Film Institute has posted Meryl’s segment at the ceremony. You can watch it in the video archive.

Jun 08

To read more about Mary Poppins Returns, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands Friday, or buy it here now. It’s no secret that all nannies are compared to one single, supernaturally-inclined doyenne of discipline who flew in on the eastern wind in 1964. The iconic character has stayed in the hearts of moviegoers in the decades since she first burst onto the screen — and now, she’s back. Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns (in theaters Christmas 2018) might be one of the highest-profile sequels ever attempted, more than half a century after Walt Disney’s cinematic classic immortalized the careers of Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke, smashed records, got a word in the dictionary (guess which one) and become one of the most cherished films of all time. This time, Mary Poppins (Emily Blunt) leads Michael’s wayward children (and Jane and Michael themselves) on a series of unbelievable adventures — to the top of Big Ben, the bottom of the ocean, into magical encounters with animated dancing penguins and upside-down cousins (hey, Meryl Streep!). If anyone can help this family find the light they’ve lost, it’s Mary Poppins. The complete article can be read over at Entertainment Weekly and a first on-set picture can be found in the photo gallery.

Jun 04

One of my favorite tasks is to find pictures from old events. And since it’s been some time since the last proper appearances update, I’ve finally managed to upload all pictures I have found over the last months – a good 200 images ranging from the 1979 premiere for “Kramer vs. Kramer” to 1999’s “Music of the Heart”. All albums with new pictures have also been updated and replaced with better quality versions, so make sure to look around. Since there’s too much to list, simply click the previews below for a complete list of last added albums or click here for all last added pictures. Two recent events have been updated as well, last month’s PEN America Literary Gala and last year’s Tokyo Film Festival Opening Ceremony. Enjoy the new additions.

May 09

Meryl Streep was among the many celebrity speakers at yesterday’s Chaplin Gala to honor Robert De Niro. Deadline reports that in a speech made at a gala benefit in his honour at the Lincoln Center in New York, the 73-year-old actor took aim at the Trump administration’s “extreme vetting”, which he feared could prevent “the next Chaplin” from entering the country. “All of us in film – directors, actors, writers, crews, audiences – owe a debt to Charlie Chaplin, an immigrant who probably wouldn’t pass today’s extreme vetting. I hope we’re not keeping out the next Chaplin,” he said. In a wide-ranging speech made in acceptance of the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Chaplin award, De Niro also criticised the Trump administration’s “hostility” towards the arts, arguing that its proposed termination of agencies such as the National Endowment for the Arts had been made for “divisive political purposes”.

By being here tonight, you are supporting arts for everyone. You’re supporting the slapstick of Charlie Chaplin, the great body of work of Marty Scorsese and Barry Levinson, the dumb-ass comedies of Robert De Niro, the overrated performances of Meryl Streep and your own taste and needs.

Pictures from the event have been added to the photo gallery.

May 04

It’s been a busy Tuesday for Meryl Streep, having attended both the Women for Women Luncheon and the 100th Anniversary of Planned Parenthood. At the luncheon, Hillary Clinton was the featured speaker and was interviewed by Christiane Amanpour, CNN’s chief international correspondent and anchor of “Amanpour.” Streep, Donna Karan, Billie Jean King and Sophie Turner were among the 650 women who attended the luncheon at 583 Park Avenue. The event succeeded in raising $1.2 million for the programs that improve women’s lives in countries affected by conflict and war. Later in the evening, Meryl was joined by Tina Fey and Scarlett Johansson to support Planned Parenthood at its centennial celebration, and to hear Clinton urge continued activism on behalf of women and girls around the world, and access to services like pregnancy and maternity care. Advancing women’s rights and opportunities, Clinton said at the event Tuesday evening — during which she received an award — “remains the great unfinished business of the 21st century. And some days, it seems like it may be even more unfinished than we’d hoped.” Pictures from both events have been added to the photo gallery, alongside some new pictures from the PEN America Gala.