Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again
On July 20, 2018, get ready to sing and dance, laugh and love all over again.

Mary Poppins Returns
This Christmas, Emily Blunt stars in an all-new tale of Britain's most beloved nanny.

Big Little Lies: Season 2
In 2019, Meryl Streep moves to Monterey for the second season of Big Little Lies.
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Pictures of Meryl’s appearance at the Kent Lecture Series in Connecticut earlier this week have been added to the image library, alongside additions from her most recent appearances, including the Public Theater Anniversary Gala reading of “Romeo and Juliet”, the Women in Film Crystal Awards and the Made in N.Y. Awards. Enjoy the new pictures.

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A new theatrical poster as well as a new production still for “Hope Springs” have been released and added to the image library. The film, starring Meryl and Tommy Lee Jones as a couple attending a counseling weekend to decide the fate of their marriage, releases next month. In other film news, locations for the upcoming “August: Osage County” are currently being scouted in Washington and Osage counties, according to here.

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Here’s the last batch of appearances pictures, ranging from 1998 to 2000. Enjoy the new pictures!

Appearances – 2000 – Screen Actors Guild Awards
Appearances – 2000 – Golden Globe Awards
Appearances – 2000 – Joseph Papp Humanitarian Fund Dinner
Appearances – 1999 – “This is my Father” Premiere
Appearances – 1999 – “Music of the Heart” Premiere
Appearances – 1999 – Lincoln Center Tribute to Mike Nichols
Appearances – 1999 – Wooster St. Reading of “The Night Before Christmas”
Appearances – 1999 – What Women Want Gala
Appearances – 1999 – Gotham Awards
Appearances – 1999 – Bryant Park Grill Benefit
Appearances – 1999 – Glamour Magazine Benefit Gala
Appearances – 1999 – Berlin International Film Festival – Press Conference
Appearances – 1998 – “One True Thing” Premiere (New York)
Appearances – 1998 – Hollywood Walk of Fame Reception

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The next batch of appearances pictures has been added, now ranging from 1993 to 1998.

Appearances – 1998 – “Dancing at Lughnasa” Premiere (New York)
Appearances – 1998 – “Dancing at Lughnasa” Photocall (Ireland)
Appearances – 1998 – Telluride Film Festival
Appearances – 1997 – Dartmouth Film Award
Appearances – 1997 – Vassar College Visit
Appearances – 1997 – Robert Rauschenberg Retrospective
Appearances – 1995 – “The Bridges of Madison County” Premiere (Los Angeles)
Appearances – 1995 – Raul Julia Memorial at the Public Theater
Appearances – 1995 – “The River Wild” Press Conference (Paris)
Appearances – 1994 – “The River Wild” Press Conference (Los Angeles)
Appearances – 1994 – Mann’s Chinese Theatre Handprints
Appearances – 1994 – AFI Lifetime Achievement Award Honoring Jack Nicholson
Appearances – 1994 – “The House of the Spirits” Premiere (New York)
Appearances – 1993 – “The House of the Spirits” Press Conference (Copenhagen)
Appearances – 1993 – Rungstedlund Award (Copenhagen)

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Here’s part three of the new additions to the appearances albums, ranging from 1989 to 1992.

Appearances – 1992 – Pediatric Aids Foundation Fundraiser
Appearances – 1992 – “Death Becomes Her” Premiere (Tokyo)
Appearances – 1992 – “Death Becomes Her” Press Conference (Paris)
Appearances – 1992 – “Death Becomes Her” Photocall (Paris)
Appearances – 1992 – Taping of “Oprah: Behind the Scenes”
Appearances – 1991 – Taping of “Voices that Care” music video
Appearances – 1990 – “Postcards from the Edge” Premiere
Appearances – 1990 – People’s Choice Awards
Appearances – 1989 – Rolling Stones “Steel Wheels” Tour – Backstage
Appearances – 1989 – “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” Premiere
Appearances – 1989 – Cannes Film Festival – Premiere
Appearances – 1989 – Cannes Film Festival – Sightings
Appearances – 1989 – Cannes Film Festival – Press Conference
Appearances – 1989 – New York Film Critics Circle Awards

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Here’s part two of today’s appearances update, ranging from 1982 to 1989.

Appearances – 1989 – Washington Testifies Against No Alar
Appearances – 1988 – Capitol Hill Washington Meeting
Appearances – 1988 – Michael Jackson “Bad” Tour – Backstage
Appearances – 1988 – Actors Equity Association 75th Anniversary Gala
Appearances – 1986 – Academy Awards
Appearances – 1985 – Lafayette College Honorary Degree
Appearances – 1984 – New York City Party 1984
Appearances – 1983 – “Silkwood” Premiere (New York)
Appearances – 1983 – “Silkwood” Screening (Los Angeles)
Appearances – 1983 – Yale Honorary Degree
Appearances – 1983 – Vassar Commencement Speech
Appearances – 1983 – Academy Awards – Press-Room
Appearances – 1983 – “Sophie’s Choice” Press Conference (Paris)
Appearances – 1983 – “Sophie’s Choice” Premiere (Boston)
Appearances – 1982 – New York Rallye Against Nuclear Power
Appearances – 1982 – Unknown Event 02

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Today, the image library will be updated with hundreds of additional appearances pictures, ranging from 1976 to 2000. Since these additions include quite some albums, updates have been split into five parts for a better overview. So let’s start with 1976-1983. Enjoy the new pictures.

Appearances – 1983 – New York Film Critics Circle Awards
Appearances – 1982 – “Sophie’s Choice” Premiere (New York)
Appearances – 1982 – Less Strasberg Memorial Service
Appearances – 1982 – Unknown Event 01
Appearances – 1981 – New York Film Critics Circle Awards
Appearances – 1980 – Academy Awards – Press-Room
Appearances – 1980 – Academy Awards – Stage
Appearances – 1980 – Academy Awards – Red Carpet
Appearances – 1980 – Hasty Pudding Awards
Appearances – 1980 – “Kramer vs. Kramer” Premiere (London)
Appearances – 1979 – “Kramer vs. Kramer” Premiere (New York)
Appearances – 1979 – “The Seduction of Joe Tynan” Premiere
Appearances – 1979 – Unknown Broadway Sighting
Appearances – 1978 – Unknown Event 01
Appearances – 1976 – Lee Strasberg’s 75th Birthday Party

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I remember having parts of this interview posted before, but somehow – I guess with the new video archive – this one got lost. So here’s a treat from the past I was reminded of when preparing “The Manchurian Candidate” as Movie of the Week. In 2004, Jonathan Ross aired a half-hour interview special with Meryl as part of his “Film 2004” series. The full interview can be watched in two parts in the video archive.

Besides the insightful and funny interview, footage from the 2003 BAFTA Awards (“I would like to spank Spike Jonze”), the 1983 Oscar press room as well as from the makings of “The French Lieteunant’s Woman” and “Plenty” are – unfortunately only briefly featured. Screencaptures from the interview have been added as well. My thanks to Alvaro, who originally taped and sent this to me. Thanks!

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Lots of pictures from yesterday’s Public Theater Gala’s benefit reading of “Romeo & Juliet” have been added to the image library, most of them in high quality.

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Vanity Fair features a wonderful article on the Public Theater’s anniversary by Tony Kushner, accompanied by a stunning photograph of Annie Leibovitz, featuring Meryl, Kevin Kline, Mandy Patinkin, and many more. “For 50 summers, we patrons of the Public Theater’s free Shakespeare in the Park have waited long hours sitting in the grass, inhaling dust from nearby softball or soccer games, fending off importuning hey-nonny-nonny singers, anticipating an evening of marauding raccoons and illusion-shattering helicopters, praying that treacherous New York summer weather doesn’t wash the evening out.

We always come back, because the good nights at the Delacorte have a rare, peculiar magic. Wind stirs the trees, the skies darken, the stage fills with a blending of real and artificial moonlight; then one of our country’s greatest actors, working for sub-minimum, steps forward to speak the best and most beautiful words ever written, revealing aspects of ourselves we never expected to encounter in Central Park. Boundaries dissolve, between actor and audience, self and park, art and nature.

We discover anew how porous boundaries always are. This summer, for the price of a little urban strategy, Sitzfleisch, and faith, we’ll walk into the woods of Central Park to enter… the woods, either Shakespeare’s or Sondheim and Lapine’s, their ersatz forests onstage not a twig more unnatural than the park the stage is nestled in. Gloriously self-invented and self-deceiving, Lily Rabe’s Rosalind will speak, and Donna Murphy’s witch will sing, and our knowledge of what it is to be human will deepen. In this theatrical heart of this communal dream of paradise that’s the heart of the ceaselessly inventing, deluding, magical city surrounding us, our hearts will skip a beat, or momentarily stop, or swell to bursting – and then begin beating anew, pumping through our veins and arteries revivified and richer blood.