Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again
On July 20, 2018, get ready to sing and dance, laugh and love all over again.

Mary Poppins Returns
This Christmas, Emily Blunt stars in an all-new tale of Britain's most beloved nanny.

Big Little Lies: Season 2
In 2019, Meryl Streep moves to Monterey for the second season of Big Little Lies.
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August 17 marks the 30th anniversary of Azaria Chamberlain’s disappearance, a case that has taken Australia – its people and its media – by storm and was eventually made into one of Meryl’s 1988’s drama “A Cry in the Dark” – a performance I personally consider her best. In its latest issue, Lindy Chamberlain talks to Woman’s Day, an excerpt can be found online, the whole interview has hit Australian newsstands yesterday.

The red blanket of parched earth is endless, each kilometre stretching out the same as the last. Yet to Lindy Chamberlain, a certain patch stands out like a beacon, even 30 years on. “Stop here,” Lindy says suddenly, causing a convoy of four-wheel-drives to come to an abrupt halt. “It’s over there,” she says without hesitation. All heads turn in the direction of her pointing finger. All that’s visible is yet another dry, dusty patch of desert. But not to Lindy. For her, this is a sacred place, a site redolent with memories both terrifying and touching. This place, she says, is where her baby Azaria’s clothes were found. It’s hard to believe it’s 30 years since a distraught Lindy clambered desperately from a dishevelled tent, screaming into the night, “The dingo’s got my baby”. For Lindy, 62, the horror of that evening and the nightmare that followed burns more intensely than ever. “You can’t turn it off,” says a pensive Lindy, who is returning to The Rock with Woman’s Day to mark the anniversary of the disappearance of her baby daughter. More at Woman’s Day and the Daily Mail.

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Eight new clips have been added to the video archive. Check the previews and additional information to each video below.

First, the AFI has posted Meryl’s complete speech at Mike Nichols’ Lifetime Achievement Award, so this one has replaced the shortened broadcast version. Then, a clip of Cher winning the Golden Globe in 1984 for “Silkwood”. A profile on the 1986 Academy Awards and “Out of Africa”, including interviews with Klaus Maria Brandauer and Sydney Pollack. A very funny clip from “Sesame Street” and their 1980s character Meryl Sheep! Also, an excerpt of Meryl’s voice work on “King of the Hill” in 1999. Her appearance at the 1995 Golden Golem Film Festival in Prague, where “Sophie’s Choice” was shown. From 1999 comes an interview with Lindy Chamberlain courtesy the “Animal X” series. And finally, a clip of Meryl attending an American Film Institute panel before receiving their 2004 Lifetime Achievement Award. Enjoy the new videos!

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This is kind of off-topic, but a funny one – and a nice opportunity to raise the word on the great Catherine O’Hara. The actress – who co-starred with Meryl in 1986’s “Heartburn” – was a member of the classic Canadian comedy show “SCTV” in the 1970s and 1980s, performing an array of characters and impersonations (brilliantly from Katharine Hepburn to Brooke Shields). In 1981, she did an impression of Meryl Streep. If there’s one person to impersonate Miss Streep, let it be Catherine O’Hara. More background information below the video.

The “Film Farm Report” evolved into a film review show where a couple of farmers enthuse about films where people are blown up. Recognizing that movies are hardly integral to seeing things get blown up, Farm Report finally became the show it was always meant to be: Big Jim and Billy Sol talk briefly with celebrity guests, and then blow them up. In an interview with the Toronto Star in 1986, Catherine recalled re-watching her impersonation in Meryl’s presence during the wrap-party of “Heartburn”:

Mike Nichols called me over to explain the skit to her. So it was like ‘Well, uh, Miss Streep… John Candy and Joe Flaherty did these two country bumpkin characters and they would have guests on their little talk show and then, umm, blow them up. So I went on as you and, well, I got blown up.” Then, Mike decided to run a tape of the SCTV sketch at the Heartburn wrap party. “People kept coming up to me and saying ‘Meryl is watching it! Meryl is watching it!’ And her face is like this close to the monitor. Afterward she came up to me and said ‘I saw what you did to me!’ But she laughed. It’s a compliment to be impersonated. ‘Very funny, just wait until you see my version of you!’

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I first thought this was a screen test for “The Iron Lady” :-), but it’s Meryl Streep in 1991 presenting the first part of the documentary “Age 7 in America”. An adaption of a British TV series, this documentary chronicles the lives of a group of economically, racially & socially diverse 7-year olds living throughout America in 1990. The filmmakers have returned every seven years to chronicle the children’s growth. The first part has been uploaded to Vimeo, a clip and captures of Meryl’s opening can be found in Simply Streep’s image and video archives. Enjoy! Thanks to Tina for originally finding it!

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Some of you may remember Iain Johnstone’s book, “Streep“, which was released last Summer and is currently available in a revised edition. Back then I’ve made a deal that in exchange for mentioning the book, I would receive a copy of the interview that Mr. Johnstone and Meryl did in 1983 at the National Film Theater in London (as it was mentioned in the book). To make a long story short – as good things take time – I’m proud to finally share this rare treat with you!

Back in 1983, Meryl visited London to promote “Sophie’s Choice” and to talk about her films. The NFT produced a fourty minutes television broadcast in which she was interviewed by Mr. Johnstone. Enjoy watching the interview, and kindly do not copy these on other websites or sharing portals. Thanks! Screencaps have been also uploaded to the Image Library. My most sincere thanks go to David for helping me with this – thank you!

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As you can see, Simply Streep is running a brand new layout! It has taken quite a while to bring it online – and also to convert and update all remaining pages, but here it finally is and I hope you enjoy the new look. Some parts have been modified, most notably the filmography pages – you can now rate each of Meryl’s films and also write your own comments, so don’t hestitate to share your thoughts. Also, you can now search the full site via the search form next to the navigation on top. The video archive will be converted as we speak, and once this is done, expect a great surprise!

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Meryl’s speech at the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award honoring Mike Nichols has been added to the video archive. Apparently, her speech was shortened for the television broadcast.

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The creators of the People’s Choice Awards’ official website have launched an impressive video archive with all previous winners – that means quite a lot never-before seen archive footage of Meryl since won the award in 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1989 and 1990! Clips from all appearances have been uploaded to the video archive (the 1986 and 1990 clips have been re-added with better quality). Captures from all ceremonies have been added to the Image Library as well, so enjoy this fantastic journey through the years!

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Here are some fantastic video additions that help to complete the archives big time :-) First is a segment from the 1982 Academy Awards, when Meryl received her first Best Actress nomination for “The French Lieutenant’s Woman”. With this being added, all her Oscar appearances are now complete :-) Then, with many thanks to DVDGuy there are two clips of Meryl attending the 1986 People’s Choice Awards, winning as Best Actress and Best Allround Entertainer. And finally, with many thanks to Daniel, two clips of Meryl presenting the Lifetime Achievement Award to Paul McCartney at the 1990 Grammy Awards. Thanks both for these teriffic finds! Screencaps from these appearances have been added to the Image Library as well. Edit: The People’s Choice Awards videos have been re-uploaded, see this update for more information.

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The recenlty released Blu-Ray edition of “Out of Africa” features a bunch of never-before-seen deleted scenes of the 1985 film. With many thanks to Tina, captures from those can be now found in the Image Library. Also, with thanks to Nora, a compilation of the scenes is available on Youtube. Enjoy!

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