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Here’s part three of the new additions to the appearances albums, ranging from 1989 to 1992.

Appearances – 1992 – Pediatric Aids Foundation Fundraiser
Appearances – 1992 – “Death Becomes Her” Premiere (Tokyo)
Appearances – 1992 – “Death Becomes Her” Press Conference (Paris)
Appearances – 1992 – “Death Becomes Her” Photocall (Paris)
Appearances – 1992 – Taping of “Oprah: Behind the Scenes”
Appearances – 1991 – Taping of “Voices that Care” music video
Appearances – 1990 – “Postcards from the Edge” Premiere
Appearances – 1990 – People’s Choice Awards
Appearances – 1989 – Rolling Stones “Steel Wheels” Tour – Backstage
Appearances – 1989 – “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” Premiere
Appearances – 1989 – Cannes Film Festival – Premiere
Appearances – 1989 – Cannes Film Festival – Sightings
Appearances – 1989 – Cannes Film Festival – Press Conference
Appearances – 1989 – New York Film Critics Circle Awards


Here’s part two of today’s appearances update, ranging from 1982 to 1989.

Appearances – 1989 – Washington Testifies Against No Alar
Appearances – 1988 – Capitol Hill Washington Meeting
Appearances – 1988 – Michael Jackson “Bad” Tour – Backstage
Appearances – 1988 – Actors Equity Association 75th Anniversary Gala
Appearances – 1986 – Academy Awards
Appearances – 1985 – Lafayette College Honorary Degree
Appearances – 1984 – New York City Party 1984
Appearances – 1983 – “Silkwood” Premiere (New York)
Appearances – 1983 – “Silkwood” Screening (Los Angeles)
Appearances – 1983 – Yale Honorary Degree
Appearances – 1983 – Vassar Commencement Speech
Appearances – 1983 – Academy Awards – Press-Room
Appearances – 1983 – “Sophie’s Choice” Press Conference (Paris)
Appearances – 1983 – “Sophie’s Choice” Premiere (Boston)
Appearances – 1982 – New York Rallye Against Nuclear Power
Appearances – 1982 – Unknown Event 02


Today, the image library will be updated with hundreds of additional appearances pictures, ranging from 1976 to 2000. Since these additions include quite some albums, updates have been split into five parts for a better overview. So let’s start with 1976-1983. Enjoy the new pictures.

Appearances – 1983 – New York Film Critics Circle Awards
Appearances – 1982 – “Sophie’s Choice” Premiere (New York)
Appearances – 1982 – Less Strasberg Memorial Service
Appearances – 1982 – Unknown Event 01
Appearances – 1981 – New York Film Critics Circle Awards
Appearances – 1980 – Academy Awards – Press-Room
Appearances – 1980 – Academy Awards – Stage
Appearances – 1980 – Academy Awards – Red Carpet
Appearances – 1980 – Hasty Pudding Awards
Appearances – 1980 – “Kramer vs. Kramer” Premiere (London)
Appearances – 1979 – “Kramer vs. Kramer” Premiere (New York)
Appearances – 1979 – “The Seduction of Joe Tynan” Premiere
Appearances – 1979 – Unknown Broadway Sighting
Appearances – 1978 – Unknown Event 01
Appearances – 1976 – Lee Strasberg’s 75th Birthday Party


I remember having parts of this interview posted before, but somehow – I guess with the new video archive – this one got lost. So here’s a treat from the past I was reminded of when preparing “The Manchurian Candidate” as Movie of the Week. In 2004, Jonathan Ross aired a half-hour interview special with Meryl as part of his “Film 2004” series. The full interview can be watched in two parts in the video archive.

Besides the insightful and funny interview, footage from the 2003 BAFTA Awards (“I would like to spank Spike Jonze”), the 1983 Oscar press room as well as from the makings of “The French Lieteunant’s Woman” and “Plenty” are – unfortunately only briefly featured. Screencaptures from the interview have been added as well. My thanks to Alvaro, who originally taped and sent this to me. Thanks!


Three new videos have been added to the archives – a live interview with Fox2News from today, a backstage interview after winning the Golden Globe on “The Insider”, and a film excerpt from “The Iron Lady”. Edit: An interview with Good Day L.A. has been added as well. Then, Meryl has won the London Critics Circle Film Award as Best Actress (tying with Anna Paquin for, ironically, “Margaret). She has also won the Dorian Award as Film Performance of the Year and has received nominations for the Iowa Film Critics Award and the Australian Academy Cinema Television Arts as Best International Actress. Thanks to Frank for the heads-up.


While it’s very quiet these days regarding Meryl and “The Iron Lady”, I went through my collection to update the site’s archives with additional pictures of Meryl’s early work. So have a look at production stills from her early theater work, including “Miss Julie”, “The Idiots Karamazov”, “Secret Service”, “The Taming of the Shrew” and “Alice in Concert” – as well as stills of Meryl’s 1980 appearance on the American series “Omnibus”. Enjoy!


Many thanks to Tina for providing scans from three issues of the French Elle magazine, ranging from 1982 to 1991 and featuring some fantastic new (old) pictures :-) Enjoy!


Lots and lots of additional appearances pictures have been added to the image library, ranging from 1978 to 1990. Each updated gallery can be reached through the previews below. Enjoy!


Since it’s June 22, no post would be possible without sending some birthday wishes to Meryl Streep, who turns 62 today! Regarding today’s update, a batch of rare pictures from various public appearances throughout the 1980s have been added to the image library. Previews and list below. Enjoy the new additions!

Appearances > 1986 > Project Vote 1986
Appearances > 1986 > AmeriCares Gala
Appearances > 1988 > “A Cry in the Dark” New York Premiere
Appearances > 1989 > “Great Balls of Fire” Premiere
Appearances > 1989 > Golden Globe Awards
Appearances > 1989 > Academy Awards
Appearances > 1989 > New York Film Critics Circle Awards


Here’s another fantastic treasure from the past. In December 1981, Meryl Streep, Donald Sutherland and Richard Chamberlain honored actress Helen Hayes at the Kennedy Center Honors. The appearance can be now watched in the video archive with captures being added to the image libary. Enjoy!