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Here comes another fantastic addition to the archives with many thanks to Simona. The Italian Il Venerdi di Repubblica featured a cover story and nine page article on Meryl in January 1989 to promote the release of “A Cry in the Dark”, featuring some great full page images. Have a look at the scans in the image library.


Last year, I’ve posted a selection of Golden Globe clips of Meryl winning – in anticipation of the 2013 awards. The result? Meryl was a no-show. So this year is in reverse, with a spotlight on the years that Meryl was nominated but didn’t attend. In case you have ever wondered why there are no pictures or videos of Meryl at the Golden Globes in the early years, it’s because she never attended them. Although winning three times in the 1980s for “Kramer vs. Kramer”, “The French Lieutenant’s Woman” and “Sophie’s Choice”, it took Meryl until 1989 to attend the ceremony, when she was nominated for “A Cry in the Dark”. The category resulted in a three-way tie for Jodie Foster, Sigourney Weaver and Shirley MacLaine, so call it a warm welcome for Meryl. It took her another ten years for a second apperance in 1999. At least, she has been a steady visitor ever since.

Although this compilation of clips doesn’t feature Meryl in person, it’s a fast-paced ride through the 1980s and 1990s film history, lots of great performances – maybe it reminds you of the one film you wanted to rewatch in years. Let’s have our fingers crossed that there will be yet another appearance by Meryl on tomorrow’s Golden Globes.


Entertainment Tonight has given us the greatest Christmas gift ever! They’ve digged out some old interviews with Meryl Streep over the years, starting in 1983 with bits from the Academy Awards and the “Silkwood” premiere”, more Oscar interviews from 1984 and 1986, plus interviews to promote “A Cry in the Dark” and “Postcards from the Edge”. Click the previews below to watch each segment. Captures have been added to the gallery as well (list below). Thanks to whoever got the idea for this at ET!

TV Appearances – 1990 – Entertainment Tonight (September 10, 1990)
TV Appearances – 1988 – Entertainment Tonight (October 18, 1988)
TV Appearances – 1983 – Entertainment Tonight (December 12, 1983)
Appearances – 1986 – Academy Awards (Screencaptures)
Appearances – 1984 – Academy Awards (Screencaptures)
Appearances – 1983 – Academy Awards (Screencaptures)


Another big batch of magazine scans have been added, with many thanks to my friend Alvaro for contributing them. The articles range from 1980 and 2012 and come from the USA, UK, Ireland, France, Poland, Spain, Brazil and the Netherlands. You can launch the new galleries by clicking on the previews below or use the complete list below the images. Enjoy reading.

Image Library – Magazine Scans – 2012 – Gala Magazine (France, October 2012)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 2012 – Telestar (France, September 2012)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 2012 – Telestar (France, February 2012)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 2012 – Le Figaro (France, February 2012)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 2008 – Tele Magazyn (Poland, June 2008)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 1996 – My Famili Y Yo (Spain, March 1996)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 1996 – Ladies’ Home Journal (USA, January 1996)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 1992 – Claudia Magazine (Brazil, January 1992)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 1992 – RTE Guide (Ireland, June 1992)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 1988 – Telerama (France, August 1988)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 1988 – Photoplay (United Kingdom, June 1988)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 1986 – Claudia Magazine (Brazil, August 1986)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 1980 – Story Magazine (Netherlands, June 1980)


One part of the gallery that has been ignored for long are the many posters and advertisments for Meryl’s films throughout the years. Many have received different key-arts for international releases, so flip through the new albums and see how they were distributed. Additionally to posters, DVD or laserdiscs covers, Oscar ads have been added as well. To launch all last updated albums, click one of the previews below.


While sorting my files, I’ve realised there are quite a few video clips that haven’t been added to the archive. Until now :-) Ten new video files have been uploaded, all coming from public appearances, such as conversation panels or special events. There are some real treats, such as a report on the 1992 press conference for “Death Becomes Her” in Paris or Meryl’s very funny conversation with Jane Pauly at Indiana University in 2010. Also, two new interview clips for “A Prairie Home Companion” and “The Hours” have been added. A complete list of the latest additions can be found below. Enjoy watching.

Video Archive – Public Appearances – A Magical Evening (2011)
Video Archive – Public Appearances – Indiana University – An Evening of Conversation (2010)
Video Archive – Public Appearances – Apple Store SoHo: Meet the Filmmakers (2009)
Video Archive – Public Appearances – Global Environmental Citizen Award (2007)
Video Archive – Public Appearances – Lemony Snicket Screening at JBF Center (2004)
Video Archive – Public Appearances – Walk of Fame (1998)
Video Archive – Public Appearances – Dancing at Lughnasa Premiere Glenties (1998)
Video Archive – Public Appearances – Death Becomes Her Press Conference (1992)
Video Archive – Films – A Prairie Home Companion – Interview 03
Video Archive – Films – The Hours – Interview 02 (additional footage)


Many thanks to Simona for contributing scans from Ciak (Italy, June 1989), covering Meryl’s appearance at the Cannes Film Festival and the release of “A Cry in the Dark”, as well as two additional pictures of from festival earlier in 1989, where Meryl won Best Actress. Enjoy.


The public appearances have been sorted a bit and new pictures have been added, including television appearances that Meryl did in the late 1980s, including Entertainment Tonight and ABC’s The Home Show. Additionally, some already added pictures have been identified for the correct events, such as this one or this one. All last added pictures can be launched by clicking below. And while we’re at it, some additional early work pictures from The Deadliest Season, The Cherry Orchard and Taken in Marriage have been added as well. Enjoy.


Some wonderful pictures have been added to the image library. They all come from various public appearances in France, including the 1989 Cannes Film Festival, where “A Cry in the Dark” premiered and Meryl won Best Actress, a 1992 visit to promote “Death Becomes Her”, a photocall in 1999 to promote “One True Thing” as well as the 2003 Cesar Awards, where Meryl was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award. To launch all last added pictures, click any of the previews below.


Another batch of pictures have been added. Since there aren’t as many from the earlier years than from the more recent, three years have been combined – 2000 to 2002. Updates include Meryl’s appearances at the Golden Globes, SAG Awards and Academy Awards for “Music of the Heart”, screencaptures of her hosting job (alongside Liam Neeson) at the 2001 Nobel Peace Prize Concert and the 2002 promotion for “Adaptation” and “The Hours”. Two more updates, covering the 1990s and 1980s, will follow this week. To view all last added pictures, simply click one of the previews below.

Appearances – 2002 – Last uploaded pictures
Appearances – 2001 – Last uploaded pictures
Appearances – 2000 – Last uploaded pictures