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One of the rare finds in Meryl’s career is the 1981 documentary “Kiss Me, Petruchio”, a behind-the-scenes look at the Shakespeare in the Park production of “The Taming of the Shrew” in 1978, starring Raul Julia and Meryl Streep. As I’m sure many are interested in seeing more from this programme, a lenghty excerpt has been added to the video archive. New screencaptures in better quality (although quality is quite a word for an old 1980s tape) have been added to the image library as well.

Watching the documentary on “The Taming of the Shrew” reminds you of two things – first, what a great institution the Public Theater and its annual Shakespeare in the Park is. It opens its doors for the public to watch classic theater for free, boasting performances and plays that are still being mentioned for their brilliance decaded later. And secondly it shows why Meryl has been hailed for her stage work early on. Here, at 29 years old (the play was performed in 1978) she is energetic and intelligent in her interview – and a force of nature on the stage.


Scans from 14 international magazines have been added to the image library, ranging from 1982 to 1999 and coming from publications in the USA, the UK, France, Canada and Brasil. The full list can be found below the previews. As always, my biggest thanks to Alvaro for sending them in. Enjoy reading!

Image Library – Magazine Scans – 1999 – LIFE Magazine (USA, December 1999)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 1999 – Madame Figaro (France, June 1999)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 1999 – Pelerin Magazine (France, June 1999)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 1997 – Le Lundi Magazine (Canada, December 1997)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 1995 – Speak Up Magazine (Brasil, December 1995)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 1995 – A&E Monthly (USA, November 1995)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 1994 – Women’s Weekly (Australia, May 1994)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 1994 – Gala Magazine (France, March 1994)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 1994 – Telepoche Magazine (France, March 1994)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 1985 – Company Magazine (United Kingdom, February 1985)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 1983 – Moviegoer Magazine (USA, January 1983)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 1983 – Telerama Magazine (France, April 1983)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 1983 – Family Circle (USA, May 1983)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 1982 – Twilight Zone Magazine (USA, March 1982)


Entertainment Tonight is currently adding some fantastic vintage interviews to its site. A most recent addition is Meryl’s 1983 press room interview at the 1983 Academy Awards, after winning Best Actress for “Sophie’s Choice”. It’s a short but funny interview in which she talks about the film, her pregnancy and previous remarks on not to win. You can watch the full clip in the video archive, screencaptures have been added to the image library. Thanks to everybody for the heads-up.


Three new clips have been added to the video archive. The first is 1991 report to promote the theatrical release of “Postcards from the Edge”, featuring interviews with Meryl and Shirley MacLaine. The second clip is a profile on Meryl’s career by CBS Sunday Morning and the releases of “One True Thing” and “Dancing at Lughnasa” (including footage from the Telluride Film Festival as well). In the third video interview, Meryl talks about “Music of the Heart”, her preparation and the making of the film. Enjoy.


Here’s a great addition to the archives. Over 50 images of Meryl’s early stage performances have been added to the image library. The update includes pictures from the highschool productions of “Li’l Abner” and “Oklahoma” in 1966, Meryl’s years at the Yale Drama School and the Vassar Drama Department (including “Miss Julie” and “The Miser“). Then, there are additions to the Yale Repertory Theatre galleries, including “The Possessed“, “The Idiots Karamazov” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and various pictures from her plays with the Public Theater. Also, promotional posters for “Measure for Measure“, “The Taming of the Shrew” and “Alice in Concert” have been posted. By clicking below’s previews, you can launch all last added pictures. Enjoy!


A couple of more vintage magazine scans, this time coming from Germany – and one from France – have been added to the image library with many thanks to Alvaro. Complete list can be found below the previews.

Image Library – Magazine Scans – 1985 – Cinema Magazin (Germany, April 1985)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 1985 – Film Demnaechst (Germany, April 1985)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 1985 – Jours de France (France, April 1985)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 1988 – RTV Magazin (Germany, December 1988)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 1990 – Kinohit (Germany, January 1990)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 1992 – Kinohit (Germany, December 1992)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 1993 – Kinohit (Germany, November 1993)


A bunch of new pictures from appearances in the early 1980s have been added to the image library. There are new press room pictures from the 1980 and 1983 Academy Awards, Meryl’s appearance at the 1980 Hasty Pudding Awards, a lovely picture from the 1981 Kennedy Center Honors and three new pictures from the 1983 commencement speech at Vassar College.

Appearances – 1983 – Vassar Commencement Speech
Appearances – 1983 – Academy Awards – Press Room
Appearances – 1981 – Kennedy Center Honors
Appearances – 1980 – Hasty Pudding Awards
Appearances – 1980 – Academy Awards – Press Room


A vintage video interview has been currently released, unfortunately only bits, but maybe there’s more to come. Little information is known about this, except that Meryl was interviewed in 1987 by Reba Merrill, for whose book promotion these clips have been launched. Maybe this interview was conducted at the 1987 Deauville Film Festival to promote “Ironweed” as I recall excerpts from the same conversation in a segment about the festival, which can be watched here. Great to see another rare Meryl interview, there’s hoping for more.

Edit: Mystery solved – the interview was conducted during the shooting of “Ironweed”, according to an excerpt from the book, as published by Open Books Press on their website. In 1987, I went on location to upstate New York for the film Ironweed, which would be Oscar-nominated that year against Rain Man. I knew that I would not be allowed to interview or shoot behind the scenes footage of Jack Nicholson. That left me with his costar, Meryl Streep. I shot footage of Jack working, but no one knew because I had my cameraman turn his light off. Jack joked with the TV crew and me as long as the camera was not running. Meryl Streep, on the other hand, let us do our job of shooting behind-the-scenes footage of her. The film’s unit publicist arranged Meryl’s interview and when the scheduled time came we were set up and ready. What a surprise when Meryl arrived with wet hair, glasses and no make up. No one told her that this was a video interview, not print. I said: “This interview will last a long time and I don’t think you want to look that way on video.” I left the film set with all the interviews except the one with the star of the film. When I came back to Los Angeles I told the producers I did not have Meryl’s interview.

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Here’s the last batch of appearances pictures, ranging from 1998 to 2000. Enjoy the new pictures!

Appearances – 2000 – Screen Actors Guild Awards
Appearances – 2000 – Golden Globe Awards
Appearances – 2000 – Joseph Papp Humanitarian Fund Dinner
Appearances – 1999 – “This is my Father” Premiere
Appearances – 1999 – “Music of the Heart” Premiere
Appearances – 1999 – Lincoln Center Tribute to Mike Nichols
Appearances – 1999 – Wooster St. Reading of “The Night Before Christmas”
Appearances – 1999 – What Women Want Gala
Appearances – 1999 – Gotham Awards
Appearances – 1999 – Bryant Park Grill Benefit
Appearances – 1999 – Glamour Magazine Benefit Gala
Appearances – 1999 – Berlin International Film Festival – Press Conference
Appearances – 1998 – “One True Thing” Premiere (New York)
Appearances – 1998 – Hollywood Walk of Fame Reception


The next batch of appearances pictures has been added, now ranging from 1993 to 1998.

Appearances – 1998 – “Dancing at Lughnasa” Premiere (New York)
Appearances – 1998 – “Dancing at Lughnasa” Photocall (Ireland)
Appearances – 1998 – Telluride Film Festival
Appearances – 1997 – Dartmouth Film Award
Appearances – 1997 – Vassar College Visit
Appearances – 1997 – Robert Rauschenberg Retrospective
Appearances – 1995 – “The Bridges of Madison County” Premiere (Los Angeles)
Appearances – 1995 – Raul Julia Memorial at the Public Theater
Appearances – 1995 – “The River Wild” Press Conference (Paris)
Appearances – 1994 – “The River Wild” Press Conference (Los Angeles)
Appearances – 1994 – Mann’s Chinese Theatre Handprints
Appearances – 1994 – AFI Lifetime Achievement Award Honoring Jack Nicholson
Appearances – 1994 – “The House of the Spirits” Premiere (New York)
Appearances – 1993 – “The House of the Spirits” Press Conference (Copenhagen)
Appearances – 1993 – Rungstedlund Award (Copenhagen)