A couple of new pictures from the filming of “Suffragette” – taken on March 24 and March 25, have been added to the image library. With the current filming, more names are being confirmed to participate in the film, including Helena Bonham Cater and Brendan Gleeson.

Career – 2015 – Suffragette – On-Set Pictures (March 25, 2014)
Career – 2015 – Suffragette – On-Set Pictures (March 24, 2014)

Some great pictures from three of Meryl’s theatre productions have been added to the image library. First, two great pictures from Meryl’s professional stage debut in “Trelawny of the Wells” at the Vivian Beaumont Theatre in 1975. Then, there’s the Public Theater’s 1977 production of Brecht’s “Happy End”, which starred Meryl and Christopher Lloyd. The third production is Elisabeth Swados’ “Alice in Concert”, which premiered at the NY Shakespeare Festival. Over 100 production stills and promotional pictures, featuring Streep, Swados and Joe Papp, have been added as well.

The magazines archive has been re-organized these past days to make it easier to access and browse. Over the years, hundreds of magazines have been obtained – some have been transcripted, other can be found in the image library. Now, both collections have been merged to give a comprehensive list of articles. Also, since many visitors come from around the world and many articles have been posted in foreign languages, there’s a new compilation of international magazines. Simply click the country of your destiny to find all articles available in your language. You will be surprised how much has been collected. My most sincere thanks to all the visitors who have contributed their collections and rare finds, most especially Alvaro, who has sent in most of the scans you’re able to read on Simply Streep. If you have collected articles that are not featured yet, why not drop me a line and help make this list even more comprehensible.

Additionally to the new magazines archive, some 100 new scans have been added to the image library. Some are re-added, because I’m sure they had been posted on here before. Simply browse the last updated albums for a complete list. Enjoy reading.

According to The Wrap, there’s a new project on the horizon, written by Diablo Cody and to be directed by Jonathan Demme. Hollywood is salivating over a red-hot package making the rounds that has Jonathan Demme attached to direct a Diablo Cody script, with none other than Meryl Streep attached to star, an individual familiar with the project told TheWrap. In “Ricky and the Flash,” Streep would play a woman who abandoned her family when she was younger to find fame and fortune as a rock star. Decades later, she decides to be a mother again to her estranged children, one of whom is going through a rough divorce. Marc Platt, who worked with Demme on “Rachel Getting Married,” will produce, while Cody’s manager, Mason Novick, is also expected to be involved in a producing capacity. Novick produced the Cody-scripted films “Juno” and “Young Adult,” as well as Marc Webb’s directorial debut “(500) Days of Summer.” The prestige package is being shopped to studios and high-level production companies with access to financing. Universal and Fox 2000 are among the studios that have expressed interest in the project, according to one insider. Many thanks to Frank for the heads-up.

The first pictures of Meryl in costume as “Suffragette” leader Emmeline Pankhurst have been released after scenes were filmed yesterday. Parkhurst was a British political activist and leader of the suffragette movement who ultimately helped women win the right to vote. Pictures from the set can be watched in the image library, with additional information below.

Streep appeared to be shooting a scene where she spoke from a balcony, much like Pankhurst did to address the crowd of fellow women suffragettes. Writing in her novel My Own Story, she opened up about such meetings: ‘These were all publicly announced, and each time the police, mingling with crowds, made strenuous efforts to arrest me. ‘By strategy, and through the valiant efforts of the bodyguard, I was able each time to make my speech and afterwards to escape from the house. All of these occasions were marked by fierce opposition from the police and splendid courage and resistance on the part of the women.’ Emmeline spent decades fighting for women’s suffrage, only to die just a few weeks before the British Government passed the Representation Of The People Act which extended the vote to all women over 21. Meryl is only in the UK for two weeks to shoot her small role as Emmeline. The movie starts Carey Mulligan. Helena Bonham Carter, Romola Garai, Anne Marie Duff and Ben Whishaw also star in the film. The movie was written by Abi Morgan and is being directed by Sarah Gavron Suffragette is set for a January 2015 release.

Some great pictures from the past have been added, all coming from public appearances and ranging from 1980 to 1988. Pictures include promotions for “Kramer vs. Kramer”, “The French Lieutenant’s Woman” and “A Cry in the Dark”, as well as appearances for theatre openings and environmental benefits. To launch all new pictures, click the previews or use the complete list below.

Appearances – 1988 – Last Uploads – “A Cry in the Dark” Press Conference (New York)
Appearances – 1988 – Last Uploads – “A Cry in the Dark” Press Conference (Sydney)
Appearances – 1986 – Last Uploads – New York Film Critics Circle Awards
Appearances – 1984 – Last Uploads – “Henry V” Shakespeare in the Park Performance
Appearances – 1983 – Last Uploads – “Silkwood” Premiere (New York)
Appearances – 1983 – Last Uploads – “Silkwood” Press Conference (New York)
Appearances – 1983 – Last Uploads – “A Chorus Line” Opening Night
Appearances – 1983 – Last Uploads – Academy Awards – PressRoom
Appearances – 1983 – Last Uploads – Cesar Awards
Appearances – 1982 – Last Uploads – New York Rallye Against Nuclear Power
Appearances – 1981 – Last Uploads – “The French Lieutenant’s Woman” Photocall (London)
Appearances – 1981 – Last Uploads – “The French Lieutenant’s Woman” Screening (New York)
Appearances – 1980 – Last Uploads – Academy Awards – Press Room
Appearances – 1980 – Last Uploads – Academy Awards – Stage
Appearances – 1980 – Last Uploads – “Kramer vs. Kramer” Premiere (London)

Today, the Weinstein Company has released a first theatrical trailer for “The Giver”. Lois Lowry’s classic story — one of the first modern dystopic tales written explicitly for a younger audience — takes place in a future where all of the unpleasant, messy aspects of life (war, pain, difference, feelings in general) have been wiped away. Have a look at the trailer in the video archive and captures in the image library. Are you excited? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Three new magazines have been added to the image library – Ciak (Italy, February 2014), Madame Figaro (France, February 14, 2014) and MyWay Magazine (Germany, April 2014). Many thanks to Alvaro for scanning the first two magazines and to myself for the German one :-) Enjoy reading.

Image Library – Magazine Scans – 2014 – MyWay Magazine (Germany, April 2014)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 2014 – Madame Figaro (France, February 14, 2014)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 2014 – Ciak (Italy, February 2014)