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Both the audio and video archives have been updated with lots of new findings. First, clips of Meryl’s more recent appearances to the premiere of “Fantastic Mr. Fox” and the “A Magical Evening” Gala Benefit, a behind-the-scenes look at Meryl recording her “Fox” lines as well as a clip of Film 2009’s report on the UK release of “Julie & Julia”, with thanks to Alvaro for contributing the latter.


Then, older clips have been added as well – ranging from films and televised stage productions (Dark Matter, Secret Service, Alice at the Palace), making ofs (Lemony Snicket, with thanks to Tina), more promotional interviews for A Cry in the Dark, Postcards from the Edge and Death Becomes Her to various television programmes, including reports on Mother Courage in 2006, the Theater of War documentary as well as Meryl’s appearance at the 9/11 Memorial tribute in Central Park in 2002. Again, thanks to Tina for these rare finds.


Last but not least, the audio archive has been updated with many new soundbites, including the MoMa Conversation with Mike Nichols, also featuring Streep, Elaine May and Nora Ephron, various stage readings from A Prairie Home Companion and public speeches to support charity events. Everything can be found in the audio archive. Enjoy the new additions!

A couple of remaining magazine scans from September to November 2009 have been added to the Image Library. They’re all about the European release of “Julie & Julia” as well as early buzz on “It’s Complicated”. Many thanks to the people who have contributed these – Andrea, Alvaro, Elmira, Nora and Shannys. Thanks a lot!


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Meryl Streep will be promoting “Fantastic Mr. Fox” on Live with Regis & Kelly this Monday, November 16. If anyone is able to digitalize this for the site, please let me know :-)

Monday, November 16, 2009. Two-time Academy Award® winner Meryl Streep gets animated in her new movie, “Fantastic Mr. Fox.” CNN’s Anderson Cooper visits Regis and Kelly. And the Hayes family sets a “Table for 12” on their reality series.

A record 20 films have been submitted for consideration in Oscar’s animated feature film category. The surfeit of entries is likely to force the Academy to nominate five animated films for only the second time since the category was created in 2001. Academy rules state that if fewer than 16 films are submitted in the category, only three can be nominated. More nominations in the category could prove helpful to smaller films included among the entries. Nominations for the 82nd Annual Academy Awards will be unveiled Feb. 2. A full list can be found under the cut. Read full story »

Added pictures from yesterday’s “Fantastic Mr. Fox” panel at Apple Store Soho, in which director Wes Anderson as well as actors Jason Schwartzman and Meryl Streep participated.

Pictures from the New York premiere of “Fantastic Mr. Fox” (November 10) have been added to the Image Library. More pictures and video coverage will follow this weekend.


At the film’s after-party, Meryl spoke to the NY Post’s Cindy Adams, who asked Meryl what possessed her to voice a cartoon fox (married to a George Clooney-voiced Mr. Fox). Meryl says: “Well, the chance to work with Wes Anderson and the chance to fly to Paris, where I did my work, with some extra recording done in Connecticut. When I did my lines, Wes played the other character speaking back to me, which helps give a feel for the action. Very important because reactions and the way your body moves defines your voice. So when I was working, George was on some of the tracks and Wes on some.”

Scans from the latest Entertainment Weekly have been added to the Image Library. Enjoy!

Yesterday, Meryl has attended the 19th Annual “A Magical Evening” Gala Benefit. Pictures from the event have been added to the Image Library.

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