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In 2017, Meryl Streep's film career will celebrate its 40th anniversary. Prepare for many new specials and media.
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According to Entertainment Tonight Canada, the new Nancy Meyers movie will be entitled “It’s Complicated”. Thanks to the many people who sent me those heads-up!

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New behind-the-scenes pictures from the “Julie & Julia” set have been added to the Image Library.

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You can now listen to Sirius’ “Here’s Barbara” episode in which Barbara Walters interviews Meryl Streep and Nora Ephron. Many thanks to Christy for contributin this transcript!



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Article courtesy USA Today:  Ever since he asked stop-motion specialist Henry Selick to create exotic sea creatures for 2004’s The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, Wes Anderson has been enamored with this painstaking process of animation.But patiently posing puppets for a brief segment was nothing compared with doing an entire feature like The Fanastic Mr. Fox, one populated with a zoo’s worth of woodland creatures. Though the voice cast includes many Anderson regulars, such as Bill Murray as a lawyer badger, there are notable newcomers. George Clooney lends Mr. Fox his matinee-idol mystique and dry humor, and Meryl Streep is his loving if suspicious wife. 

Why did the Oscar queen decide to speak for a she-mammal? As she says, “When else am I going to be Mrs. George Clooney?”

USA Today also has a couple of exclusive pictures from the film, to be found here.

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The actress and the director recently gave the Wall Street Journal an interview that can be read in the magazines archive. Punctuating their conversation with raucous laughter, Ms. Streep and Ms. Ephron spoke about towering women – Ms. Streep wore platform shoes in the film – and facing off against fanboys at the box office. The movie “Julie & Julia” intertwines the stories of two women – Julia Child discovering her love of cooking and blogger Julie Powell cooking her way though Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” The film’s star, Meryl Streep, and its writer and director, Nora Ephron, play off their links, too. They came to know each other through their friendships with director Mike Nichols and worked together on “Silkwood” (1983) and “Heartburn” (1986). Ms. Streep shot to the top of Ms. Ephron’s casting list when they ran into each other at a Shakespeare performance in New York’s Central Park: Ms. Ephron, who is also a producer on the movie, mentioned the project and Ms. Streep warbled, “Bon Appetit!”

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Added video clips of Meryl’s interviews on “Extra” and “Access Hollywood” to promote “Julie & Julia”.

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Premieres of this year’s Deauville Film Festival include Nora Ephron’s Julie & Julia with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams; Sandra Bullock vehicle The Proposal; Sundance favourite (500) Days Of Summerwith Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel; Raymond de Felitta’s City Island with Andy Garcia. Julia Migenes’ Concert will be the opening night film. This year’s edition runs September 4-13.

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Here comes a real treasure, an appearance that was almost impossible to find over the last ten years. Now, with many thanks to Youtube user 100lizi, we can finally have a look at Meryl’s and Robert De Niro’s appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show in December 1996, promoting “Marvin’s Room” and talking about their previous projects. The interview can be watched below.

Additionally, captures from the appearance have been added to the Image Library.

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According to Sirius Satellite Radio, Meryl Streep and Nora Ephron will speak about “Julie & Julia” on “Here’s Barbara”.

Reflections on Walter Cronkite, Plus Meryl Streep & Nora Ephron
Monday 6 pm ET
Replays: 7pm, 8pm, 9pm and 10pm ET
See Schedule for Additional Times
On the next Here’s Barbara, Barbara Walters and her co-host Bill Geddie will welcome Meryl Streep and Nora Ephron. Barbara will also share her personal reflections on the passing of Walter Cronkite, drawing from both her career as a broadcaster and her classic interview with the legendary news anchor.

Streep and Ephron will be discussing their new film Julie & Julia, in theaters on Friday, August 7.

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Added Entertainment Tonight’s exclusive new interview with Meryl Streep – as well as Stanley Tucci and Chris Messina – and two new clips from J&J to the video archive.

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